Ashley Parker is the owner and designer behind Ashley Parker Creative.  Ashley started designing invitations in 2012 when she could not quite find the right invitation and paper decor for her wedding.  Her love for all things paper and new-found creative outlet led her to the idea to sell her designs.  The business started as Purple Sapphire Designs and focused on wedding invitations.  The shop has grown to include other events such as baby showers and announcements, stationery, party invitations and decor, and products for the sorority community.  A new name that could grow with the designs just felt right!  Ashley and her family live in downtown Chicago.  


All of our designs are created to be personalized so your order is uniquely yours.  From the design to the paper, each piece is carefully crafted by hand.  At other shops, especially high volume ones, you are limited to their standard colors and forms.  Each of our customers receive personalized attention.  Not only do we have a wide variety of standard colors that match the colored papers we have available, but we can work with you to make custom ink colors.  Even better, you are not limited to fillable forms.  If you want a little extra information on your piece, its likely we can make it happen.  We also make sure the important information is highlighted and all the text is the best it can look.  For example, on a wedding invitation, the couple's names are not simply typed into a form design.  Instead, we adjust the font size and width to ensure your names fill up the space and look their absolute best.  This extra effort gives your invite a finished and custom look.  Our clients get personalized, special attention no matter the size of their order.


Another aspect that makes our shop special is that we use only the highest quality paper and our printing is done by a commercial, professional print shop.  No home printers or thin paper allowed!  

The papers and envelopes we use are thick and rich.  Our cardstock has a weight that is a minimum of 100lb.  Our textweight paper is a minimum of 80lb.  Our envelopes are a minimum of 60lb.  By comparison, typical computer paper is 20lb, construction paper is 50lb to 76lb, and craft store cardstock is typically 65lb (though they do offer 100lb).  

What does all those weights mean?  The papers we offer are a higher quality than what you can buy at your local craft store.  The cardstocks are harder to fold and feel stiff in your hands.  The textweight papers and envelopes can be folded and handled without easy tears.  The "Our Papers" page has more information on the papers we offer for our designs.