about our digital ink colors

We take color seriously!  Color sets the tone and style for your event.  Using digital printing, we strive to have your paper goods printed with vibrant inks that match your vision.  We do this in a few ways - paper color matching and custom colors.  We have many papers and when a client requests a color, we use our papers to create a very close matching ink.  If you have something specific in mind that does not match a specific paper, we can also do a custom ink color.  Every time we create a color match to a paper, we will update this page and add it to our standard ink colors below.  Ink color selection takes place during steps 3 and 4 of our Order Process.  Due to difference in computer screen settings, the final print of these inks may appear differently (generally darker or lighter) than the color on the screen.  Click on standard ink images for paper match information

Need some inspiration on colors and color combinations for your event?  Check out our Color Inspiration Pinterest Board!


our standard digital ink colors

Colors that have been tested to match our colored papers.  We are not limited to these colors!

client custom colors

Custom colors that have been printed.  These colors do not match a current paper color.