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To start the process of ordering your invitation, please fill out this form.  If you are interested in a more complex suite, please fill out our Wedding Invitation Quote, select "Multi-Piece Event Invite," and provide the set style in the customization box. 
We  will send you a quote within 1-5  business days.    Please add to your safe senders list.

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Preferred Delivery Date
The date you would like have your invites in your hands. A minimum of 4 weeks from the date you pay your first payment, not including shipping, is necessary to design and print invites. If you want a hard copy proof (highly recommended), an additional 2 weeks (6 total) are required. We work with a professional, commercial printer and, therefore, rush orders are not accepted. Expedited shipping options are available. The 4-6 week timeline is the minimum and does not include the quoting and purchasing process. For order, please allow at least an additional week.
We recommend ordering an additional invites - 5 or 10% (whichever is more) - to allow for any mailing errors and/or last minute add-ons. For some events, a keepsake may be desired by you or others, so make sure you remember to include those in your quantity as well.
What kind of invitation do you want?
What type of event are you ordering an invitation for? The first group has wedding-related events listed, and the second group has special events listed. If you do not see your particular event listed, please let us know what type of event you are planning. Most likely, there is not a custom charge for a new event type.
Choose the design you want for your order. If something on our site does not appear below, please choose "Other-Not Listed" and let us know what you are looking for in the customization box below. You can use any design for any event. But to help you out, designs that are popular for wedding-related events are in the first group, and designs for special events are in the second group.
We have a variety of invitation styles. Most of our clients order either: SIMPLE Invite Suite (A7 - 5x7), MEDIUM SIMPLE Invite Suite (A6 - 6.25 x 4.625), or SMALL SIMPLE Invite Suite (A2 - 4.25x5.5). We have a variety of invitation styles. For a description of each, please see our Suite Guide. If you are interested in a more complex suite for your invitation, please use the Wedding Invitation Quote and choose "Other Event" under Event Type.
You can add a small insert to your invitation. This option is common for showers where the hosts want to include directions, registry information or special details that the do not want to appear on the main invitation. If the design suite does not already include a small insert, or the information to be included on the card requires a bigger card or special attention, a custom or upgrade fee may apply. If an additional fee is required, you will be notified during the design process before we start the design (i.e. before the fee is incurred).
Do you want any upgrades?
Select a paper upgrade. For more information on our papers, please see the paper guide (above). The cream listed is our cream smooth paper. For Felt or Linen - both white and cream are available and can be selected during the design process.
Note: most colors do not allow for printing and some papers do not have 2-sided envelope printing. If there is an issue, we will adjust your quote.
The back of your invite will include a pattern. Instead of the pattern, you can have the piece blank, substitute a photo, add Details text, or add our logo to the pattern (5% discount).
Add a Cardstock Backing to your save-the-date/invitation. The pricing for this embellishment includes a discount for a smaller sized printed Main Invite and a blank back on the Main Invite.
For LACE & CROSS only... Do you want the 2-piece with the laser cut cross?
Upgrade to Foil Stamping on your announcement. Our Foil Stamping is double-sided digital ink printing (multi-color) with 1-color foil stamping on the front of the card. Foil colors include: Gold, Silver, Copper, Rose Gold, Magenta, Royal Blue, Emerald, Purple, Red, Black, and White. You can also upgrade to Kraft, Navy, Light Grey or Black Paper for foil stamping. For this option, please select "Foil on Colored." Please note that foil stamping is not available on some papers. Foil Stamping is available on: White Smooth, Cream Smooth, White Cotton, Cream Cotton, White Felt, Cream Felt, and Pearl Shimmer.
Do you want a hard copy proof of your printed pieces? This option adds a minimum of 2 weeks to production time. If you are selecting no, please read our terms and conditions regarding your waiver of the proof.
Almost Done - Thanks for all of the information!
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Please let us know if there is something special you are looking for. If you are interested in a specific city for our Cityscape or Skyline invites, please make sure you include that city here. If there are Customization or Style options that do not appear here that you are interested in, please let us know.