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  • All polices on the general terms and conditions page apply to print orders
  • By placing an order, you warrant that you are at least 18 years old or have parents' permission to buy from us.
  • Events outside Ashley Parker Creative's control shall be considered force majeure and liability is limited to deposits actual made
  • The price applicable is that set at the date on which you place your order.  There will be no price adjustments if there is a price reduction.
  • Shipping costs and payment fees are provided before confirming the purchase.
  • Card information is transmitted over secure SSL encryption and is not stored.
  • Please note that local charges may occur.
  • Ashley Parker Creative reserves the right to amend any information without prior notice.
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Terms & Conditions

This page contains the terms & conditions specifically regarding print orders. Please read these terms & conditions carefully before ordering any products from us. You should understand that by ordering any of our products, you agree to be bound by these terms & conditions.


All print orders take a minimum of 4 weeks from the date of your order to design and print. If you elect to have a hard-copy proof printed, an additional two weeks are required.

Hard Copy Proof

A hard copy proof can be purchased.  This is highly recommended, but your order must be placed more than six weeks before the ship/delivery date stated on your estimate.

Waiver of Hard Copy Proof

REQUESTS NO HARD COPY PROOF:  If you request a quote with no hard copy proof, or you later choose not to order a hard copy proof, you have waived your hard copy proof.

LESS THAN SIX WEEKS:  If you place your order less than six weeks from the ship/delivery date stated on your estimate, you automatically waive your hard copy proof, regardless if you requested one in your quote.  Your order is not deemed placed until Ashley Parker Creative receives your first payment.

WHAT DOES THE WAIVER MEAN:  By waiving a hard copy proof, you will not have the opportunity to view your invite printed before a full print takes place.  By waiving your hard copy proof (voluntarily or automatically), you accept the invite as printed and will not be entitled to any refund if you are unhappy with the final product.

Sample Colors

If you order a sample,  the sample may have been printed by a different printer.  Although you may order the same color, the color may be different on your final print.  No refunds will be offered if the color between the sample and your final print are different.

Online Proofs

COMPUTER SCREEN VARIANCE - You will receive an online proof of your order before final print.  Printed materials will look different than what appears on your computer screen.  The colors are likely, but not guaranteed, to be more saturated and slightly darker than what appears on any computer screen.   Computer screens also vary due to different calibrations.  A desktop or laptop computer is recommended for viewing your online proof.  Mobile devises such as phones or tablets (including Apple products) are not reliable for color and are not recommended when reviewing your proof.Ashley Parker Creative uses and iMac to create the designs.  It is likely an iMac will show similar colors to what the designer sees.

APPROVAL OF ONLINE PROOF - upon your approval of your online proof, you confirm that all text is accurate and correct.  You accept any and all responsibility for any spelling and/or typographical errors.  Once your online proof is approved, you will pay your final invoice.  No refunds will be provided if a error is found after payment of the final invoice.

Responding to Designer Requests and Proofs

In order to meet your deadline, you must communicate regularly with the designer during the design and printing process.  All e-mails from the designer must be responded to before 6pm Central the next calendar day, unless the e-mail specifies a different date and/or time.  

FAILURE TO TIMELY RESPOND:  Failure to timely respond may result in a delay of your ship/delivery date of one (1) business day for each one (1) calendar day late.  Responses are considered a full calendar date late anytime after 6:00pm Central.  For example, if the designer e-mails you on Friday, you have until Saturday at 6:00pm Central to respond.  Your ship/delivery date is Friday, January 2.  If you respond at 6:01pm on Saturday, the e-mail will be considered one day late.  Your ship/delivery date will be delayed by one business day to Monday, January 4. 


Orders will ship via USPS.  It is within Ashley Parker Creative's sole discretion to use a different carrier without notice to the customer.  If the customer has a carrier preference, additional charges may apply.

The hard copy proof, if applicable, will be shipped to the address provided with the first payment.  The final products will be shipped to the address provided with the balance due payment.  If only one payment was made, the proof and/or product will be sent to the address provided in that payment.

Due to policies established by our payment services (e.g. PayPal, Etsy or any other service through which payment is tendered), Ashley Parker Creative must send orders to the address provided to the payment services provider.  The shipping address cannot be changed for any reason through Ashley Parker Creative.

All Terms & Conditions Pages are Incorporated

All terms, conditions and polices on ashleyparkercreative.com, including but not limited to the general terms and conditions, are incorporated into the print policies.  

Additional Information

Ashley Parker Creative reserves the right to amend any information, including but not limited to prices, technical specifications, terms of purchase and product offerings without prior notice. At the event of when a product is sold out, Ashley Parker Creative has the right to cancel the order and refund any amount paid in the best way.  Ashley Parker Creative shall also notify the customer of equivalent replacement products if available.

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